Monday, May 14, 2007

A pound of string

I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day. I was surprised to come home from work and find Kyle and Chelsea waiting to have dinner with us. Kyle was most pleased with himself for buying me "a whole pound of string". It's a 1 pound cone of Peaches & Cream in the Spring Garden colorway. Kyle had the idea of it and Chelsea picked out the color. It's really pretty. I told Kyle that I would make him some dust clothes to clean with. He didn't like that idea much.

Travis gave me a new desk chair. It's really nice and the old one was definitely on it's last leg. Here's a shot of the chair posing with the pound of string.

My gift from Patrick (and Hayden of course) was some yum yum as Hayden calls it. It wont be around long but I will surely enjoy it while it last. It's a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and it's to die for! Supposedly it's a limited edition item but this the third one I've had in the past 4 years so I guess it's not very limited. That's fine with me though, I hope they never stop making it!

One more photo of the pound of string. Of course, I included this one just so I could show off my little cutie. He's also sitting in the new chair but you can't tell because it's black. Ignore the orange jello on his shirt collar. He's not usually so dirty!

For a brief knitting update, I finished seaming the Ruffled Surplice yesterday and started on the belt. I don't know why I find knitting repetitive little rows of something so monotonous and boring. For example, I hate to make I-cord. This belt is a lot like I-cord and it's probably going to take me as long to knit it as it did the whole back of the sweater. I just have to make myself do it.

I still haven't cleaned up all my yarn vomit from the ball winding incident on Friday. I'd like to have it done tonight so I can cast on the socks to take to the dentist office tomorrow. Why is yarn vomit so hard to clean up? I'd much prefer to clean up human vomit. You just have to throw a towel over it, zap the patient with some Phenergan or Zofran or Reglan or Compazine and you're done. But yarn vomit has to torture you and takes hours to pick out and rewind. Why can't someone make an anti-emetic for yarn?!!

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James said...

People vomit, while gross, does not have the same heartbreak of lost potential as yarn vomit. My condolences