Saturday, May 12, 2007

A post (finally)

It seems like forever since I posted. I've been too busy knitting to post or take any pics. I always feel like I need photos to go with my post so that keeps me from posting more regularly. However, I decided to post today, even without any photos.

On Monday, the last of the pregnant nannie goats delivered her twins. There are photos on my Flickr page, just click on my Flickr badge to see them. She had two little billies, which we named Shy and Spry. They are very cute and cuddly. These are the first babies that will actually let you pick them up and hold them. Fannie, their mom, is a Nubian, which is a milk a goat. She has way too much milk for them so Daddy and Patrick have both been milking her. The milk goes to Cookie (the dog) if Hayden doesn't manage to spill it first! Last night, he stepped right into the bucket, actually a margarine tub, and spilled it everywhere.

Travis was inducted into the National Beta Club on Tuesday. They had a very nice candle light induction ceremony, Unfortunately, it was held at the end of Awards Night, so Hayden was rather restless after sitting through 2 hours of awards presentations. He cried when his brother stood to receive his induction and certificate. Chelsea received the American History Award from The Woodsmen of the World. Ms. Aiken presented the award and she said some very nice things about her.

I have almost finished my Ruffled Surplice from IK Sping 2007. It has been a really quick knit. All I have to do is to seem up one side, make the belt and put the ruffle around the bottom. Hopefully I will get it finished today.

I wanted to start on some more socks today but I have yarn issues. My first issue is that the Regia Crazy I got is driving me crazy! It is certainly aptly named. I bought it because it stripes so well. Well the two skeins I got were wound opposite directions so, therefore, I only have about 50 yards that match. I really wanted to make a pair of identical twins but I guess I won't. I still haven't quite resolved myself to the fact that they won't match so I can't bring myself to start on them.

My other sock yarn issue is that I thought I could quickly wind up 2 hanks of Knitpicks Gloss for a pair of lace socks while Hayden was in the tub last night. NOT. MY ball winder was mounted on the computer desk, where I had been sitting trying to match up the Crazy. The computer desk is not big enough to hold the swift and I was too lazy to move the ball winder. I thought that I could just the swift on the floor and wind from there. NOT. As the swift turned the hank of yarn kept coming off the top of it because it was being pulled up by the ball winder. I kept grabbing it, stretching it and putting it back on the swift. In the end, I ended up half a ball of yarn and a huge wad of yarn vomit. I worked on it for a while but finally put it away. It was way past bedtime and I had to come to work today. It will probably take me longer to straighten it out than it will to knit the I don't want to cut it though so I'll keep working on it a little at a time. I wanted to make these socks 2 at a time and after that disaster I definitely didn't want to attempt winding the other hank!

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